HEFA Tools Factory is a manufacturer that be founded in 1995.Which is located in Jinhua City,Zhejiang Province and covers an area of 15,000 square meters.HEFA specialized in producing various kinds of tools and hardware products.Such as UTILITY HOOK,GARAGE ORGANIZER,TOOL HOLDERS,BICYCLE RACKS&WALL MOUNTED BICYCLE HOOK,WALL MOUNTED LCD BRACKET,WALL MOUNTED MICROWAVE OVEN BRACKET,MOTORBIKE MENDING BRACKET,WOOD STORING BRACKET,HOME TROLLEY,PAINT MIXERS,EARTH AUGER,PARASOL HOLDER,PAPER CUTTER STANDS,BOLTS etc.
     HEFA passed the approval of ISO9001:2008,more than 40 items got the patent and some products have got GS certificate. With more than 15 years experience,HEFA has mature production technology,perfect production equipment,excellent team.We are
committed to provide high quality products and professional service.
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